Pupil Leadership

   Empowering our Children

At St. Marie's Catholic Primary School, our Pupil Leadership is growing! We respect and value the fundamental British Values of democracy and ensure the views and opinions of all our pupils are expressed and heard. We promote and teach the British Values through our school vision, values, curriculum and enrichment activities in which all of our pupils participate. We believe in creating a pupil leadership culture where children can have their say and get their voices heard by taking on key leadership roles throughout the school. We want our children to be actively involved in school improvements whilst demonstrating our ASPIRE values through everything that they accomplish and achieve. Through this, it creates a better school for all and builds leaders of the future.

The aim of the various pupil leadership roles across our school, is to enable children to take on leadership responsibilities, ensuring their voices and opinions are heard and acted upon.  Children are given opportunities to become confident and articulate leaders who can share their ideas, views and opinions to an audience to improve their school and their learning journey.

 Our Pupil Leaders:

  • Demonstrate our ASPIRE values in everything they do.
  • Work together cooperatively, having mutual respect for all.
  • Work alongside staff in making key decisions.
  • Voice their opinions and ideas to improve learning and the school.
  • Listen to, respect and seek the views of other pupils and staff regarding key issues and changes in our school.

There are a number of different whole school roles and responsibilities that children can be involved in, but alongside this, within the classroom, children also are given a variety of roles and responsibilities. E.g. ‘Book monitors’ who support their teacher by handing out books, 'Snack monitors' who help hand out the snack etc. 

Again, by giving children responsibility and ownership of their class it builds respect and a greater sense of autonomy.

Examples of Pupil Leadership at St Marie's: