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Catholic Life

At St. Marie’s, each class has a dedicated saint. A saint is a person who is believed to be especially close to God. All the saints were holy men and women. God gave these people special graces so that they could do special things. Some saints were prophets, or messengers of God. Others had the ability to heal. God knew these people, like He knows us. He gave these people extraordinary gifts because he was confident they would do His Will. As a school, we will learn about the work of God’s chosen friends, talk to them in prayer and take inspiration from them. Click on your Class Saint to read key facts.


Class Saint  Reception

Year 1

Y1   Class Saint 2Y1   Class Saint 1

Year 2

Y2   Class Saint 1Y2   Class Saint 2

Year 3

Y3   Class Saint 1Y3   Class Saint 2

Year 4

Y4   Class Saint 1Y4   Class Saint 2

Year 5 

Y5   Class Saint 2Y5   Class Sait 1

Year 6

Y6   Class Saint 1Y6   Class Saint 2